Watch 1 hour to understand how consumers care and adapt their purchasing behaviours regarding sustainability

Watch the webinar was hosted by Institut du Commerce and ECR Community, which the expert Natalie Babbage, Global LinkQ Solution Director at Kantar’s Worldpanel Division, presented insights into consumer behaviours surrounding sustainability.

Over five years of research involving 112,000 respondents across 35 countries, three distinct consumer segments emerged: Eco-Actives, Eco-Considerers, and Eco-Dismissers.

Eco-Activists, comprising 20% of the global population, prioritise sustainability, with preferences for brands offering eco-friendly packaging and natural ingredients. Notably, concerns about plastic waste persist globally, with Eco-Actives leading the charge. However, financial constraints hinder some Eco-Actives from fully embracing sustainable choices. Brands aiming to capitalise on sustainability should prioritise eco-friendly packaging, local sourcing and affordability as strategy.

To know more about Natalie and her expertise in sustainability watch the webinar in the link below:

Natalie Babbage
Natalie Babbage Global Link Q Director @ Kantar Worldpanel
Natalie presents the latest research about Consumers shopping behaviours regarding sustainability.