The webinar titled “Tools, Technology and AI for Category Management” delved into the evolving landscape of Category Management.

Luc Demeulenaere identified three primary drivers of change: the consumer/shopper, competition, and technology. Emphasis was placed on the significant role of technology in driving revolutions within Category Management, influencing consumer behaviour and providing a competitive edge.

Georges Mirza stressed the importance of advancing solutions to match the complexities of modern retail environments, advocating for Smart Category Management leveraging advanced technologies and new data. Mirza highlighted the necessity for a total rethink in space management solutions to enhance effectiveness.

Luc outlined four key pillars presented during the webinar for a successful category vision:

  1. Consumer-shopper centric decision making, leveraging AI and machine learning for personalised experiences.
  2. Growth platforms focused on building consumer loyalty and sustainable growth, exemplified by AI-based loyalty programs.
  3. Utilisation of consumer-shopper journey experience-related technology and tools for collaborative data integration.
  4. Innovation driven by consumer and shopper insights, incorporating social media and non-traditional product innovation.

Dr. Brian Harris summarized the webinar, emphasizing five key evaluative criteria for selecting tools and technologies in Category Management:

  1. Scale
  2. Speed
  3. Accuracy
  4. Efficiency
  5. Relevancy

These criteria aim to ensure maximum impact and efficiency in Category Management initiatives, considering the diverse segments of consumers and shoppers, large store networks, and multiple channels. The webinar showcased a range of tools and technologies available to support Category Management, highlighting the importance of evaluating tools based on their potential return on investment and alignment with the evolving consumer and shopper landscape.

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