Watch An Overview of Sustainability in Category Management

During our recent webinar, we hosted a dialogue on Sustainability in Category Management, highlighting insights from sustainability experts on sustainable practices within the retail sector.

Taking a closer look at each presentation:

  • Mario Galietti – Sales Senior Director, Procter & Gamble Italia: “From Intention to Full Empowerment: The Italian Case” presented a comprehensive examination of sustainability within the Italian retail landscape, showcasing real-world examples and case studies that illustrated the journey from intention to tangible empowerment. He showcased P&G’s approach, which emphasised the integration of sustainability metrics such as environmental scores and Nutri-Score to drive sales improvements while positively impacting environmental, societal and economic factors. 
  • Antonella Altavilla, Consultant for Category Management at ECR Italy, presented the integration of sustainability into category management strategies. By addressing environmental impact areas, such as communication, assortment and promotion, retailers and manufacturers can drive growth while fostering environmental sustainability. An analysis of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) highlighted how sustainability initiatives can increase consumer trust and loyalty.
  • Ylenia Maitino – Director Group Public Policy – Sustainability, Ferrero, “Sustainability in Retailers’ Engagement, presented the implementation of sustainability initiatives in category management. She highlighted Ferrero’s commitment to environmental efficiency and responsible sourcing, emphasising the importance of maintaining a healthy supply chain that benefits farmers and communities while protecting the environment at the same time.
  •  Francoise Acca – ECR in France, Institut du Commerce:  “Sustainability: Complexity and Science” presented the fundamental pillars of sustainable category management. She emphasised the importance of promoting a fair and balanced consumption pattern, facilitating access to products, supporting responsible product procurement, building solidarity and creating promotional initiatives within the larger ecosystem.
  • Stéphane Pierrefeu, Director of Supplier CSR at Carrefour, addressed the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for retailers, emphasising its impact on sustainable supplier relationships, supply chain management, category managemeny, and the final sustainable products on bthe shelves. He demonstrated Carrefour’s proactive implementation of sustainability initiatives throughout its operations.
  • Dr. Brian Harris, Global Thought Leader in Retail Management along with  Luc Demeulenaere, Senior advisor contributed to the concluding panel discussion during the webinar. They highlighted the evolving landscape of the retail market and its progressive shift towards sustainable practices within Category Management.

Please check out each presenter’s profile and download their deck presentations.

Mario Galietti Sales Senior DirectorMario Galietti Sales Senior Director,
Mario Galietti Sales Senior DirectorMario Galietti Sales Senior Director,P&G Italia & P&G Global
“Sustainability in Category Management.
From the intention to full empowerment: the Italian case”
Antonella Altavilla Consultant for Category Management,
Antonella Altavilla Consultant for Category Management,ECR Italy
“Driving Growth: Category Management’s Sustainable Approach and the Four Winners.”
Ylenia Maitino, Director Group Public Policy –Sustainability,
Ylenia Maitino, Director Group Public Policy –Sustainability,Ferrero.
“Sustainability in retailers engagement”
Francoise Acca Institut du Commerce,
Francoise Acca Institut du Commerce,ECR in France
“How to practice real Sustainable Category Management ?”
Stéphane Pierrefeu Director of Supplier CSR,
Stéphane Pierrefeu Director of Supplier CSR,Carrefour.
“Category Management Sustainability:
Carrefour point of view”