The vision of #ECRCatManNetwork is to spread the global impact of collaborative category management.

We are the guardians of the category management 8 step process.

Our mission is to stand up for a world where category management continues to evolve as a key driver of business success and where a collaborative model is optimising the consumer / shopper efficient response.

Through community-building and knowledge sharing, we aim to unleash the complete potential of category management for retailers, manufacturers, and service providers. A Steering Committee, comprising of industry leaders and experts, has identified 6 Hot Topics crucial for category managers worldwide. These topics will be explored through dedicated webinars and customized surveys.

The #ECRCatManNetwork are hosting six webinars in 2023/2024.

🔥 Hot Topics Webinar Schedule:

  1. Collaboration – 19 Sep ’23
  2. Shopper Insights (Focus on Gen Z) – 19 Oct ’23
  3. Omni Channel CatMan – 12 Dec ’23
  4. Technology & Tools for CatMan – 27 Feb ’24
  5. Sustainability & CatMan – 09 April ’24
  6. Category Vision – 21 May ’24

Webinar 01


This webinar focused on collaboration within the retail industry. It illuminated the transformative potential of partnerships, highlighting innovation, supply chain optimization, and consumer-centric approaches. Watch it to explore real success stories and expert perspectives on the power of collaborative efforts in retail.



Steffen Schöne,
Steffen Schöne,Chief Operating Officer, Yagora GmbH
“Survey Results and Analysis ECR #CatManNetwork survey on Collaboration”
Ruth Hankin,
Ruth Hankin,Capabilities Manager, Heineken Europe
“Turbocharging customer collaboration through Joint Value Creation”
Gabriela Valentin,
Gabriela Valentin,Head Trade Marketing, Aché Laboratórios
“How to retain drug customers to pharmacies through collaboration between industry and retail?”
Frank Bonnamour,
Frank Bonnamour,Global Category Mnagmt Director, Lactalis
“Shopper & Consumer, keys for better internal collaboration”
Simon Knapp,
Simon Knapp,Director, Global Client Development, Advantage Group International
“Supplier and Retailer Collaboration: Category Management “

Webinar 02

Shopper Insights (Gen Z)

This webinar focuses on Shopper Insights for Generation Z. Dive into the unique shopping behaviours and preferences of this generation, unveiling trends that are reshaping the retail landscape. Understanding Generation Z is vital for businesses aiming to succeed in the constantly preferences of this generation, unveiling trends that are reshaping the retail landscape. Understanding Generation Z is vital for businesses aiming to succeed in the constantly evolving market.



Roisin Gray,
Roisin Gray, EUI Marketing Solutions Lead for CPG & Beauty, TikTok
TikTok Scrolling to Supermarket Strolling. Showcased how TikTok disrupted consumer shopping.
Lenneke Schils,
Lenneke Schils,Globla Insights Director, GFK
Gen Z: The great divide? How the convergence of global crises impacted FMCG shopping trends for Generation Z
Edel Russel,
Edel Russel,Insights and Innovation director, Musgrave
Showcased an internal structure to capture Gen Z insights and integrate them into decision-making processes.
Barry Cassidy & Alana Dwyer
Barry Cassidy & Alana DwyerSenior Brand Manager, Tirlan & Strategic Planner, Goosebump
The ever changing challenge of resonating with Gen Z.

Webinar 03

Omni-Channel Category Management

Scheduled for Tuesday 12th December from 15:30 CET.

This webinar will focus on Omni Channel Category, with speakers from industry giants Amazon and JD.

Explore the future of retail as we discuss how omni-channel strategies seamlessly integrate online and offline shopping experiences, ensuring customers enjoy a consistent and convenient journey across multiple channels.

Tianze Su,
Tianze Su, Head of Product Operation, Department of Ecosystem Service, JD Retail.
Introducing’s growth and sharing how it carries out category management.
Stijn Demeersseman,
Stijn Demeersseman, Chief of Staff, Amazon Fashion Europe.
Amazon, your partner for category and brand building. Dispelling retail media myths in a world of unified commerce.
Benjamin Thym & Steffen Schöne,
Benjamin Thym & Steffen Schöne,CEO & Founder Offerista Group, GmbH - COO Chief Operationg Officer, Yagora.
Digital Shopper Activation at scale – proven impact of online activation on offline sales

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These webinars will focus on key aspects of Category Management. Join us on these dates to explore Technology & Tools for CatMan (27 Feb ’24), delve into Sustainability & CatMan (09 April ’24), and gain insights into Category Vision (21 May ’24).