Here are some tips and resources form our National ECR Community members on mitigating the effects of the COVID crisis.

Hosting Web Cafes– Institut du Commerce

Defending Retail Against the Coronavirus– Bain

Defending Consumer Products Companies Against COVID-19– Bain

Coronavirus Resources– Food Industry Association

Earlier this year, Declan gave an invaluable webinar on COVID insights and updates, and in our September Q3 meeting, ECR Hellas gave a run-down on how COVID has impacted the market in Greece.

Download an Italian report on “Best practices for reducing the risk of Covid-19 spreading in Logistics” below:

This document was prepared by a group of companies and academics assembled by the Italian Logistics Association and shared by ECR Italy.

English Version: Best_Practices_for_Reducing_Covid_Risk_logistics

Spanish Version: Mejores_Prácticas_de_Reducción_Covid-19_Logística de riesgos


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