This is a list of useful resources from some of our ECR National members to help our wider network learn from the experiences of other countries as to the impact of the pandemic in the retail sector.

Best practices for reducing the risk of Covid-19 spreading in Logistics

This document was prepared by a group of companies and academics assembled by the Italian Logistics Association and shared by ECR Italy.

English Version: Best_Practices_for_Reducing_Covid_Risk_logistics

Spanish Version: Mejores_Prácticas_de_Reducción_Covid-19_Logística de riesgos

Covid Pandemic Insights & Updates Webinar

In July ECR Community hosted a webinar where we heard from a number of ECR Nationals, including Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Russia on how they were helping their members to deal with the impact of the pandemic. If you are interested in a copy of the slides our contact details are below.

Useful Resources from our ECR Nationals

The Institut du Commerce have set up a Covid Crisis Management page which provides best practice by sector, webinars and links to various studies.

ECR Ireland are hosting three webinar series for their members to keep them informed on the critical developments as they occur during this pandemic: the Digital Path to Purchase Webinar Series, the Shopper Insights & Trade webinar series and a Retailer Trade Update. 

Other Industry Resources

Bain & Company have put together Operational Checklists for retailers to help them deal with the pandemic in the short to medium term: Checklist for Retailers and Checklist for Consumer Goods Companies

The Food Industry Association have also got some really useful resources on dealing with the pandemic in the food industry.


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