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ECR Retail Loss hosts the grand finale of its 2024 On-Shelf Availability (OSA) Innovation Challenge on May 22. And there’s still time to secure your place.

OSA issues are the biggest frustration for shoppers and retailers alike. Getting stock levels right requires meticulous planning, execution and attention to detail.

Successful innovations in OSA can be worth millions to the industry.

After a six-month worldwide search of accelerators, incubators, and universities and reviewing more than 500 promising innovators, the field has narrowed to just 10 finalists.

These have been chosen for their potential to tackle the most stubborn retail challenges across the supply chain, backroom, shop floor, and upstream design.

At the showcase finale, the Top 10 will pitch their idea to, and answer questions from, a global audience of retail professionals.

Register on the link below:

Watch: Invitation to OSA Innovation Challenge – May 22nd | Ecr Shrink Group (ecrloss.com)