Webinar 01

This webinar focused on collaboration within the retail industry. It illuminated the transformative potential of partnerships, highlighting innovation, supply chain optimization, and consumer-centric approaches. Watch it to explore real success stories and expert perspectives on the power of collaborative efforts in retail.

Steffen Schöne,
Steffen Schöne, Chief Operating Officer, Yagora GmbH
“Survey Results and Analysis ECR #CatManNetwork survey on Collaboration”
Ruth Hankin,
Ruth Hankin, Capabilities Manager, Heineken Europe
“Turbocharging customer collaboration through Joint Value Creation”
Gabriela Valentin,
Gabriela Valentin, Head Trade Marketing, Aché Laboratórios
“How to retain drug customers to pharmacies through collaboration between industry and retail?”
Frank Bonnamour,
Frank Bonnamour,Global Category Mnagmt Director, Lactalis
“Shopper & Consumer, keys for better internal collaboration”
Simon Knapp,
Simon Knapp,Director, Global Client Development, Advantage Group International
“Supplier and Retailer Collaboration: Category Management”