ECR Retail Loss Group

The ECR Retail Loss Group is a retailer-manufacturer working group focused on creating imaginative new ways to, together, better manage the problems of on-shelf availability, shrink and food waste.

It focuses on commissioning and disseminating new, independent and academic led research to help the industry tackle the stubborn problems of out of stocks, shrink and food waste.

To find out more about getting involved with the group, the research it is currently working on and the various working groups it coordinates to progress this research, click here.

Group Structure

The ECR Retail Loss Group focuses on the specific areas of on-shelf availability, shrink and food waste. It is managed by the group strategy coordinator, Colin Peacock and supported by an academic and leadership team. Colin can be contacted at

This group operates in parallel to ECR Community, which works on a broader range of topics such as Category Management, Circular Economy, Supply Chain and is responsible for convening both the ECR Community Retail Loss Group and the ECR National members on a quarterly basis.