ECR Community, in collaboration with the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), proudly announces the launch of a Global Packaging Design Guide. This initiative aims to advocate for improved packaging design for recycling, facilitating the transition to a more circular economy. The guide offers retailers and manufacturers a systematic approach to designing recyclable packaging across all types.

In parallel, the WPO is diligently developing country-specific Waste Stream Mapping Guides. To delve deeper into this crucial aspect of our sustainability efforts, click HERE.

Your engagement is instrumental in fostering positive change.

There are also a number of webinars (ECR Community webinar, WPO World Pack Talk Show)  and a ‘How To Use Guide‘ that supported this launch.

Download the Global Guide

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Supporting Webinars

ECR Community Launch Webinar – WATCH NOW

On 4th October 2021, we hosted a launch webinar with the WPO and the University of Applied Sciences FH Campus Wien suitable for retailers, suppliers, service providers, academics, media, associations. We were joined on the webinar by

  • Nerida Kelton, Vice President Sustainability & Save Food, World Packaging Organisation (WPO),
  • Teresa Mischek-Moritz, General Manager, ECR Austria, and
  • Dr. Ernst Krottendorfer, Lecturer, University of Applied Science Vienna.