The Institute of Commerce publishes its 15th Fact Sheet Essential on CSRD

The Institut du Commerce has published its 15th factsheet Essential to understand how to best prepare to initiate the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) reporting process, a major evolution in the measurement of the performance of European companies. The “Essential” sheets make it easier for as many people as possible to access complex content. They are synthetic, illustrated, educational, and open to non-members of the Institut du Commerce.

This fact sheet is available in English and French.

It was initiated at the request of the CSR Committee of the Institut du Commerce, which brings together the member brands and retailers of the association, which wanted to help all companies in the retail sector prepare for this major change in measurement

  • the environmental impacts of their activities
  • the influence of environmental criteria on their performance”?

The CSR Committee wanted to:

  • Raise awareness among CSR and finance departments, as well as general management.
  • Share best practices with teams to ease the transition

Webinars dedicated to CSRD have also been offered in 2023 and are available in replay (see the bottom of the page or type “CSRD” in the search bar)

Thank you to the contributors for their titanic work and the generosity of their sharing.

  • Contributor Partners: Noël Bauza (Zei), Les Nouveaux Géants, Claire Moison (Sodebo), Estelle Da Silva Marque and Peggy Kerjean (Fleury Michon), Emilie Chalvignac and Sylvie Guingois (Institut du Commerce)
  • Graphic Facilitation: Christel Han (Bananako)
  • English translation: Danielle Abraham

This content is meant to be distributed and used. Just please mention the source (Institute of Commerce and the name of the illustrator Bananako)

Download valuable information on how to prepare for CSRD here. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. The “Essentials” provided by Institut du Commerce are tailored for our ecosystem, including both member and non-member companies.

The infographic and the report give an easy access to complex information. They try to be synthetic, illustrated and educational. You can also find them the Institut of Commerce library here